Hiya, gurls! It's me, Leesh (Claire:). Ignore the stupid Whitelovely thing. AliciaRivera was already taken! WHO'S THE FAKER? Lol!

Anyway, OCD just got out for break... FINALLLY! Totally cute blazer @ Westchester Mall. 2-Die-4! And I accidently spit a rotten California roll on Claire... OMG, ROFL!!! Kristen spit out her Vitamin Water :)

Anyway, ranked 8.7 today!! Massie scored 9.8- GOOOO MASSIE!! Loved my outfit: Gucci brown pumps, jean mini, pink tank, and Marc Jacobs fur vest. So rockin'.

Did you see Skye today, Mass??? Did she comment on my pliate? I tripped yesterday... :(

Anyway, I love you all! (Except maybe Todd...)

Love, Leesh :)

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