Okay so...hi. :) Excuse my awkwardness.

So I said that I might make an updates blog so here it is!

• I went to colorguard camp from the 16-18. I think it might be a fun expirence, an my limp noodle arms probs could benefit!

• We're doing some work on our house. We got our kitchen and living room done so far, and we have a new front door and kitchen door. All that's left is the bathroom and patio, and I'm redoing my room.

• I'm soo glad Direct TV fixed their dispute with Viacom. It was a long week without TeenNick and MTV.

• I love British television even more now that I've discovered Misfits. I'm excited to see the rest of The Inbetweeners on MTV too.

• I'm slowly finishing Insurgent (part of the Divergent series).

And I might as well stop before I bore you all to death. Thanks for reading!

--xoxo Gossip Turtle 03:12, July 26, 2012 (UTC)

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