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  • The Awkward Turtle

    Tag! I'm it!

    December 24, 2012 by The Awkward Turtle

    So the tags looked fun and I'm waiting for company to leave so my family can do our little celebration so I decided to do my own. Oh and Merry Christmas!

    Craziest thing you've ever done?

    I threw a flip-flop at this boy's head in 5th grade. I'm reminded of this everyday at school since then. Or when I chugged water and Diet Sierra Mist at a party when we were playing water pong and ended up leaving early because I got sick. There was also the time where I didn't word my sentence right and told my Pre-Algebra teacher last year that he had no friends, also telling them that maybe his head looked like a butt.

    Tell us three weird things about you.

    My tongue is ridiculously short.

    From kindergarten to first grade I lied about having a sister because …

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  • The Awkward Turtle

    Hey guys. So I know its been awhile since the last time I've been on. Most of it is because of school work, and the other us just that I was just plain lazy. I have been silently observing the wiki. Here are a few things that went on:

    -The musical is this week so I will definitely have more time to do whatever after Sunday

    -At our band competition we got 5th in field and the flags didn't place. We weren't that much off though.

    -I've had a lot of homework to do.

    I'll try my best to be more active until I get my laptop. I also won't have any activities second semester. Sorry I've been so distant!

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  • The Awkward Turtle

    Hi guys. :)

    So um...I started school last week and I've been focusing a lot on my work and extracurriculars. Even algebra has been going well since I can correct t my problems on my homework. :)

    I tried out for the school musical on Thursday. We're doing Willy Wonka this year. The casting results should be up Tuesday.

    That's about

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  • The Awkward Turtle


    July 26, 2012 by The Awkward Turtle

    Okay so...hi. :) Excuse my awkwardness.

    So I said that I might make an updates blog so here it is!

    • I went to colorguard camp from the 16-18. I think it might be a fun expirence, an my limp noodle arms probs could benefit!

    • We're doing some work on our house. We got our kitchen and living room done so far, and we have a new front door and kitchen door. All that's left is the bathroom and patio, and I'm redoing my room.

    • I'm soo glad Direct TV fixed their dispute with Viacom. It was a long week without TeenNick and MTV.

    • I love British television even more now that I've discovered Misfits. I'm excited to see the rest of The Inbetweeners on MTV too.

    • I'm slowly finishing Insurgent (part of the Divergent series).

    And I might as well stop befor…

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  • The Awkward Turtle

    Survey :)

    May 14, 2012 by The Awkward Turtle

    Okay, so this is something I thought we could try, in an attempt to get to know everybody a bit more. We do it all the time at Degrassi Wiki, so why not try it here at The Clique? Here are the questions, and have fun if you decide to answer! :3

    1. What is your favorite color?

    2. Do you have a favorite song at the moment?

    3. If you still go to school, have you gotten off for summer break yet? If not, how long do you have until then?

    4. Do you own any pets?

    5. Do you have any celebrity crushes?

    6. What is your favorite animal?

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