This wiki is dead. So I've decided to liven it up by doing a survey. It's an American survey, so all the questions will regard to all the stuff that people call "American". It's easier if you live in the US, but if you don't, go for it anyways.

1. Deep dish or thin crust pizza? (aka Chicago or New York style)

2. Ever been to a Major League Baseball game? If so, which teams were playing?

3. Do you think that football is dangerous, and that kids should no longer be allowed to play it?

4. Ever seen, met, are, or related to a legit cowboy?

5. Rap or country?

6. Los Angeles or New York? or Chicago?

7. Do you think slavery was wrong?

8. Are you related to anyone who was in the revolution-WWII?

9. Do you watch AGT, American Idol, or Dancing with the Stars?

10. Finally, do you think our economy is completely whacked? Like the gas prices?

So yeah.

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