Why, HELLO there!

So lately on the Victorious wiki, there's a lot of people making these "All about me" blogs. Sooo, I wanted to make one. But not on there. I really don't know why. You are going to be bored.

Basic Stuff

I was born on November 3, no year. I live in a burb of Chicago (which me and my friends think is the best city on Earth.) I go to a really small Catholic school and I'm in junior high. I have a little sister who's in 4th grade. And my real name is... drumroll... Maggie! I have a really amazing best friend and a really good friend, and my four of my cousins are my also my best friends.


Not to brag- but I'm really good at it. I'm in the higest percent in the nation in language (as of the Terra Novas) and I'm in the top of my class. I love Social Studies and Spanish. I hate Math, English, Science, and reading class. I'm not popular at all and I'm often made fun of 'cuz I'm really tall (5'9") and I love to read. More later...

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