So here are the boy characters of my fanfic.

Vincent Sachez- (Like Landon and Cam mixed) Patient, calm, sweet and caring, Zaeda's bf, he's in love with her and he treats her liked the Queen Bee she is, athletic, fashionable, and loyal, will protect the people he cares about, very popular not your average jock.

Romero Vaney- (Like Josh Hotz) A huge flirt, funny, and playful, likes to joke and tease people, Vincent's best friend, he has a very close friendship with Zaeda bro and sis type. He does have strong feelings for her but is respectful of her and Vincent's relationship. He's Valilah's bf and loves her to pieces but is sometimes annoyed by her jealousy.

Javari Pierce- Vincent's cousin/brother, kinda quiet and at times shy but very sociable, Cyanne's crush. He likes Cyanne but gets shy when around her, they're very good friends and flirt with each other, he's very close to his cousin and Romero.

Zan Miller- Tough guy very athletic, Javari's best friend, likes Valilah, and Gemesis, but sometimes acts like he doesn't and acts cold and mean towards them as a cover up, he madly flirts with Zaeda just because he thinks she's hot, he's Gemesis's crush.

Leonel Jones- The nerdy/cute guy who likes Gemesis which she doesn't know, Zan uses that against him by teasing, he's Roxiny's crush, he's nice to everyone and hangs with all sorts of people.

The minor characters are coming soon! :)

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