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  • SassyGemini92

    So here are the boy characters of my fanfic.

    Vincent Sachez- (Like Landon and Cam mixed) Patient, calm, sweet and caring, Zaeda's bf, he's in love with her and he treats her liked the Queen Bee she is, athletic, fashionable, and loyal, will protect the people he cares about, very popular not your average jock.

    Romero Vaney- (Like Josh Hotz) A huge flirt, funny, and playful, likes to joke and tease people, Vincent's best friend, he has a very close friendship with Zaeda bro and sis type. He does have strong feelings for her but is respectful of her and Vincent's relationship. He's Valilah's bf and loves her to pieces but is sometimes annoyed by her jealousy.

    Javari Pierce- Vincent's cousin/brother, kinda quiet and at times shy but very sociabl…

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  • SassyGemini92

    So I came up with the queen bees names and a little info about them :)

    Zaeda Santos- The Massie of the group (Alpha). She's mean and nice at the same time and more lenient and laid back, the most beautiful out of all the girls. Has an older boyfriend, and is the most popular in her grade.

    Valilah Peterson- The Alicia of the group (Beta). She's a little meaner than Zaeda and they're best friends but are in competition with one another, Valilah does everything Zaeda does but tries to do it a little better than her, they're almost inseparable, Valilah also has a boyfriend who's very close to Zaeda and is Zaeda's boyfriend's best friend.

    Cyanne Tellez- The Dylan of the group (Delta). She's very talkative and a gossip, she also is the funniest and…

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  • SassyGemini92


    June 13, 2014 by SassyGemini92

    I'm debating on whether or not I should write a fanfic. It'll be like The Clique but different personalities, stories etc. The Queen Bees is the title. I just don't know if people will be interested so if y'all are interested please comment thanks! :)

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