Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm back! Did you miss me? Well, that's a stupid question: of course, you did. So how did you like last week's blog? I think it was a hit and is ah-mazingly creative of me, don't you think? Don't answer that if you know what's good for you. Anyway, in Cali, besides laying out on the beach, hoping to get a good tan, I noticed the, um... trendsthey have there. Trends that were IN here, like five years ago. Or some, barely IN ever. Nawt to downsize those of you that live there, maybe you don't follow them, thank Gawd... But, nonetheless, I have to tell you what I saw. These will also be listed in the CSU as well, but there will be no OUT column this week, since it's what's IN there. Which does NAWT mean it is IN for ME. Just the facts, people. So here it is. First, the things nawt necessarily I would choose to wear now, or maybe ever... Platform flip-flops. I swear everywhere I looked someone was wearing them. I about threw up my shrimp quiches I had had for breakfast. Another was Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. Gawd! Almost every other teenager there was wearing something plastered across their boobs that said "Hollister, CA" or "A&F" or whatever. Seriously! How uncreative can you get? At least get something from there that doesn't advertise as much. Like maybe just the little seagull or moose logo, okay? Now for the good INs. These I would actually wear or use. Coach and Louis Vuitton bags and luggage werevery big there. Tons of girls had them. I even saw two guys lugging them around. And I'm pretty sure they weren't like Clay Aiken. Another plus was flirty linen and cotton sundresses. VERY IN this season EVERYWHERE. Missoni, Juicy, and Derek Lam have great sundresses on this season's line. So hope that gives a day in the life of Cali's fashion Do's and Don'ts. Email me for more deets about my trip and be sure to email me pics of your fashions collages, I realized another good magazine for those is NYLON! So flip one open!

XOXO Massie 

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