Have you ever looked at me and said who is she to think she is the boss of everyone. The person who picked that was not me or my friends it was you. You are the ones who made it easy to spread my pain from what happened at home after parents got divorced when i was 4. They don't think i know but I do. I have been spreading all this pain after this. Im sorry to say this but I think Claire is right. Remember that night we were playing would you rather with Claire? We asked her what would you rather be a person who has bunch of friends who secretly hate you or a friendless loser? She picked friendless loser. She is right! I think us Girlies should be nicer to Claire. I think she is In now but also Out.






Forever 61



Love Massie_Kur


Ps. Its not Claire I can prove it. ^^BNT^^ < Secret of the Week? Girlies??? Love Mas

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