Hi there! I'm new to the wikia, and I really enjoy these books, so I thought I'd start with a blog listing my favorite to least favorite characters. So here we go.

Dylan Marvil:

Not sure why Dylan's my favorite, but she just is. People say that Kristen is the nicest PC girl other then Claire, but I've always thought Dylan was the second- nicest. She's also the funniest.

Kristen Gregory

Kristen's nice and all, but she's not my favorite because she doesn't seem like a main character. She's pretty smart (not that the others aren't, but Kristen just seems smartest), and she actually does her school work. Also Bridgit Mendler's cool.

Alicia Rivera:

I actually like Claire more then Alicia ( you'll see soon enough why Alicia is first on here and not Claire.) She seemed pretty nice when she was trying to form her own clique, and she'd probably actually be a nice person if she wasn't around Massie all the time.

Claire Lyons:

Claire is actually my second-favorite character, but she's here on the list for one simple reason; She still wants Massie to be her friend. No matter how horibbly that brat treats her, Claire still wants to be part of the PC. In Dial L for Loser, they humiliated her on live television. And she still wants to be their friend. I drew the line at Its not Easy being Mean where Layne found the key. If I was in her place, I would have totally forgotten the PC and let Layne have the key. She seemed to have a pretty good idea of what the PC was like in book 1, but after that... no.

Massie Block

Alrighty, so now we're down to my least favorite. 

There are literally no words in the English language that can describe how much I despise Massie. She is a horrible, selfish, spoiled, cruel brat. To quote Mrs. Worthington from an episode of "The Haunting Hour.."                                       "Did it ever occur to you that maybe you deserve to eat eyeballs? You're the most unkind person I've ever known. If your appearence on the outside matched the ugly person you are on the inside, you'd be covered in boils and puss." Maybe some rotted and severed rat heads in Massie's case.

UPDATE!!!!!!!!: Forget it, all these girls are horrible, horrible people except Kristen. Hate them all.

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