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    Favorite characters?

    November 24, 2014 by KittyCat84

    Hi there! I'm new to the wikia, and I really enjoy these books, so I thought I'd start with a blog listing my favorite to least favorite characters. So here we go.

    Dylan Marvil:

    Not sure why Dylan's my favorite, but she just is. People say that Kristen is the nicest PC girl other then Claire, but I've always thought Dylan was the second- nicest. She's also the funniest.

    Kristen Gregory

    Kristen's nice and all, but she's not my favorite because she doesn't seem like a main character. She's pretty smart (not that the others aren't, but Kristen just seems smartest), and she actually does her school work. Also Bridgit Mendler's cool.

    Alicia Rivera:

    I actually like Claire more then Alicia ( you'll see soon enough why Alicia is first on here and not …

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