Hey, it's Toughie!

Since I haven't posted in a while, I decided to do a very choppy update post.

I dyed that purple streak in my hair I told you guys that I would do, but by now it's pinkish.

Um, most of my friends quit my swimming class, which kind of sucks.

Today during Math my phone went off. It got bounced around in my bag. I swear it was off! Man, my teacher was giving everyone the evil eye because he didn't know that it was mine. I'm glad my bag was in the back of the room with everyone else's. My teacher is totes scary, so I was like "doo dee doo.... whose is that?" His voice is naturally very loud and deep. I am shaking remembering the intimidation.

I decided to stop doing Chess Club. My friend and I would always do Chess because we've had the same awesome teacher since like, 2nd grade, and she's really good but I'm horrible and I mainly go for the Oreos....


We eventually got a little bit bored with Chess. We tried different things like Art Club, which was fun but they changed the dates so I can't do it, and then Girls on the Run, which was super easy and most of the girls were like 2 years younger than us. Anyways, we decided to do MUSICAL THEATRE CLUB!

We have no idea which play we're doing, but it's going to be a Broadway Jr. play. Fingers crossed on Alice in Wonderland or Seussical!

Last year our school did Annie Jr. and before that Dear Edwina Jr.

Anyways, my audition is on Tuesday. I'm doing Defying Gravity! The version by Wicked's notes are too complex and it's like 6 minutes long, which is why I'm doing the 2.5 minute long version that Chris Colfer does.

I luv Chris Colfer. His singing is.... wow.

I'm really excited because the director this year was my Science teacher last year, and my friend who now resides in Korea likes him. Lol. Nothing serious there. So I'm going to take pictures to send to her.

Excited! Wish me luck!

Xx Glittertoughie

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