Well, it's only been 4 days since my last post. But is that going to stop me?

Heck, no!

So, this time, these are some things I want to do by 2013. Hooray!

  1. Dye a purple streak in my hair. I've always wanted to, and at the beginning of last year I used clip-ins. My friend who's a year younger than me just did it, so I figured I could, too. Lol, I'm so impressionable. Anyways I originally wanted a pink one, but my friend did pink so that would be too copy-cattish. And it fades to orange. So I wanted to do purple, which I figure will fade to pink. Fun! Cost: about $12, and I think I'll do it so it peeks out, like behind my ear or under my layers.
  2. Pierce my ears a second time, I'm such a rebel, lol. I got this idea because my ears are pierced, and I have this little freckle on my earlobe that people always think is a second piercing, so I decided that I can do a cute combo of a tiny hoop and a stud. Not on the top of the ear, but on the lobe, duh. Cost: about $20 but if I act by August, I get $10 off! My mom said OK, but I haven't asked my dad.
  3. Be more organized.... I'm going to start by getting a cute planner (Like that PINK one, but that costs $15 which is too much for me, but something cute like that will be fine) so I can keep up with my schoolwork (I tend to be forgetful, lol), and I'm going to superclean my room, and get new curtains, and paint that one white wall (which is getting yellowish) a brighter white, same to my closet door and regular door. I'm also planning to get some PB Teen twisted sheer hot pink curtains and put them around my bed!
  4. Take dance on weekends.... I tried it (I got back from Modern and Jazz a while ago) and I absolutely love it! It's tricky, but so fun and I love it. Love love love!!!!
  5. Have a cameo appearance on Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms.... a girl can dream, right?

Feeling inspired? Blog about some things that YOU want to do by 2013!

Xx GlitterToughie

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