Helloooooo everyone.

So my last post was so serious that I'm reverse psychologizing it with more seriousness. Lol.

First thing: I decided since the other admins each have at least 1000 points and I probably have like 600, that I will get up to 1000 points!


I decided that since we now have (squee) a fair amount of users, us admins should start paying a litttttle more attention to the lawfulness of our citizens.

(superhero montage, lol)

Like, I've noticed a lot of people advertising their blogs and calling people LBRs? What's up with that, guys, it's not cool.

It's happening esp. on the Massie Block page, idk why.

So, I edited the Community Portal If you click the Community thing next to the On The Wiki thing, it takes you there).

Here is the link:

And I also made a Wiki Rules page for good measure.

I'm going to post them on the main page.

But, if you are a member of the wiki, PLEASE read these articles now. I would say that I require you to but that sounds weird.

Tell me if you love, hate, mixed emotions, can't decide, stop bothering me, (starts crying and crawls under rock)

Xx Glittertoughie

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