Hello, hello, helloooooo!!!!!

It's time for another Glittertoughie's Updates!

I'm just so terribly bored right now, lol. Sorry.

A few very silly things I've been doing recently....

  • Pronouncing "LOL" as "lull" when I'm talking to people.
  • Talking to my dog when I get home from swimming
  • Using my friend's mascara to paint a small mole on my cheek then going around as "Nat's Evil Twin Sister"
  • Telling my brother to stop watching girly detective dramas e.g. The Closer, Castle, etc, etc
  • Watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I love Rainbow Dash!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a toal pegasister. And as for dudes, they're bronies, as I'm sure you're all painfully aware.
  • Trying to sew holey socks into legwarmers, or Skye's dance sleeves. Which hasn't worked out so well.
  • Trying to make cheap soft white tissue tees into cute pool coverups, which has so far failed but I have made some shirts that are lovely for sleeping.
  • Watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, NigaHiga, Charlieissocoollike, the Keyboard Cat, and Kids/ Teens React on my brother's iPod with the YouTube app. My mom locks the computer and TV during the day, so we have absolutely NOTHING to do.

I feel like all of us admins haven't talked in so long! Sigh, I'm getting too lazy to check my notifications. Sorry! Will join in..... now!

Finally, thanks a mill, I realized we have some new fairly active members! Thanks for joining, tell your friends and maybe.... someday.... we'll have a big community wiki. Dare to dream. Dare to dream.

Well, that's it for this Glittertoughie's Update! Shane Dawson exit. (Licks palm and puts over screen)

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