Hello, hello, helloooo!

It's time for... dunnnn dunnn dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn..... Glittertoughie's Updates!

Right now, I'm in Montana. Not saying where, but I'm in Montana! The hotel here is awesome, it has a mall right next door. While the Pinkberry next door was closed, I went to Bath and Body Works and got....

  • Bali Mango lotion
  • Paris Amour triple moisture body cream (because my friend who is moving to Korea has the same one in Carried Away and it reminds me of her)
  • C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint, # 1642 Plum Mint

The total price? $4.36! I am quite the bargain hunter, if I do say so myself. And at the last hotel's gift shop I picked up Tangerine Lip Therapy. It sounds normal, but has emu oil in it. Its really nice though. Nice therapy. I just like the tangerine smell because it makes me feel happy.

Anyways, my head is swimming with little questions. Why?

  • I'm wondering if any of my friends will be in any of my classes next year.
  • I'm not sure if the new A in PLL is the same one in the books or a new one.
  • I'm wondering if my BFF will ditch me for the popular girls

My latest likes:

  • Chris Colfer! I love his voice, and sure, he's pretty cute. My friends tease me about liking him, but I'm just a fan. I swear. My friend also was trying to make up a story on the spot, and we're now stuck with the lame adventures of the fishes Chris Colfer and Colfer Chris. :D
  • Pretty Little Liars! I love a good mystery show, and it keeps me on my toes. I like Aria and Spencer! And Hanna's sense of style, and I like Jenna, too. I like Mona, even though she's A, she's way more clever than I thought.
  • dELIA*s! I learned about this about in the beginning of the year. It's pricey, but I love sale digging there. And they have PLL tees, there's 2 cute ones (I Know Who A Is and Who is A?) for $10 each and a $15 one that's a Rosewood Sharks varsity tee. It's really style based, so when things go slightly out of season, BAM, they're on sale.
  • Tea Forte! I have a thing for tea, I just discovered these in the hotel gift shops. These pyramid-shaped filters will capture your heart, and there's a little green tea leaf sticking out of the top. Plus, modern-meets-classic teapots, saucers, and other accesories are beyond cute. I'm hooked on White Ambrosia and Coconut Chocolate Truffle.

Well, there's my update!


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