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  • Glittertoughie

    The Techie List

    November 18, 2012 by Glittertoughie

    Most people can probably just ignore this post, it's mostly for admins. But go ahead and read on!

    I made a list of some things I think we can learn how to do techwise a while ago, then decided to post it. Tell me if you know or can figure out how to do these things.

    Change the color of admin's comment boxes and/ or put the @Admins thing at the bottom of them [ ]

    Customize the toolbar up top. []

    Instead of the standard "Hi, Welcome to The Clique! Thanks for your edit to the ____________ page" we could have one of those things like on Dance Moms wiki where it's actually a nice colored box. [ ]

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  • Glittertoughie


    November 17, 2012 by Glittertoughie

    For like, the trillionth time.

    We are not a roleplaying wiki!

    It interferes with the discussions people are having normally are having on pages and it's difficult to tell if you are talking IRL (In Real Life) or roleplaying as a character.

    Please move your roleplaying onto another wiki or website.


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  • Glittertoughie

    The Toolbar Up Top

    November 5, 2012 by Glittertoughie

    I FINALLY figured out how to edit the toolbar at the top, so now we have Characters, Popular Pages, and Books sections. Any suggestions?

    I also cut up the Books section into 7th grade books, 8th grade books, summer collection, and other books.

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  • Glittertoughie

    Happy Halloween!

    October 31, 2012 by Glittertoughie

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

    I hope that you are all OK after Hurricane Sandy- my power was out until like, 10 last night and I had to shower using a flashlight.

    It was uncomfortable :(

    So, I hope you're all doing fine!

    I'm going to my friend's house in like 20 minutes.... I'm going to be a zombie!

    What are you going to be?


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  • Glittertoughie

    Hey, guys! Toughie here.

    I'd just like to tell all of you that have never seen The Clique movie, that you can watch it here-

    It's like 4 years old, so it's now online!

    Sockshare is awesome- it loads super fast, there's no downloading, you don't have to make an account- I use it to watch Dance Moms and Cupcake Wars all the time!

    Just make sure you clique the "continue as a free user" button, not the paid membership button.

    That is all.



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