The Clique

The Clique is a fun filled drama with boyfreiens,in and out,and alot of betreyl.

Massie Block :Massie is the alpha ,or leader,.Massie will surprise you she can etheir be forgiving or can be terrible to you.Massie secretly envies Skye Hamalton,Alpha of the DSL Daters.She can be very sneaky and cunniving.In the Massie:summer collection,she steals the purple pen from the founder of Be Beautiful Cosmeticts.

Alicia Rivera:Alicia is the Beta of the PC.She is said to be an exotic beauty.she's has gigantic C-cup boobs,that all boys get a peek at one way or another.Alicia has gone againts the PC multiple times,but always comes back to her freinds.Some of her failed cliques are The Unbeliveably Pretty Committe, and the soul m8ts.Her dad is from America and her mom is from Spain.

Kristen Gregory:Has super strict parents,so she has to walk out wearing church clothes then change into something cooler and sexeir.She's on scolarship at OCD she she has to get really good grades.her dad was once a famous art dealer then nobody bought his art anymore.

Dylan Marvil:Thinks burps and farts are cool.She is constantly dieting.She is a size bigger than everone else

Claire Lyons:Is super sweet and poor.She lives in Massie guest house.She is described as a fashion don't.Her first Freind was Layne Ablely.

The Clique......The only thing harder than getting in is staying in

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