Ehmahgawd, the male gender is the most frustrating by FAR!

Story Time.

So the boy that I like is talking to his best friend (Who I talk to a lot) and he gets mad at him because he talks to me so much! He told his best friend to stay away from me. This is by far the most LISP infected conversation I have ever heard! I swear, this guy is HART but sometimes he makes my head want to EXPLODE!!!! 

On other buisiness, my mom has recently gotten a job for a woman, Charlotte. She has 5 walk in closets full of designer-only clothing. Once my mom unloads those clothes, she has to buy the lady new ones with money provided. I get all of the clothes she is receiving! Thats right, a new shipment of designer is coming in! 

And more news, my BFF and I got in a fight with the boys about this poor little girl who they call fat and stupid. She is only a third grader, so we defended her. The boys are SO annoying sometimes. I hope everything will be resolved by tomorrow!! 

And lastly, we are officially for sale! We are selling the red mansion to move into a toned down blue farmhouse, biggest one in it's subdivision. Score! For my new room I want caramel brown walls, either deep brown carpet with gold flecks or mahogany wooden boards, and a round king sized white bed. The sheets will be metallic brown. I will have a white crystal chandeleier and a walk in closet (As usual). There will be a white sofa, bookshelf and desk with a clear egg chair that will hang from the ceiling in front of the desk. Totes AH-DORABLE! 

Cya guys lay-tah!



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