• AveriGurl

    Boys are FRUSTRATING!

    December 9, 2012 by AveriGurl

    Ehmahgawd, the male gender is the most frustrating by FAR!

    Story Time.

    So the boy that I like is talking to his best friend (Who I talk to a lot) and he gets mad at him because he talks to me so much! He told his best friend to stay away from me. This is by far the most LISP infected conversation I have ever heard! I swear, this guy is HART but sometimes he makes my head want to EXPLODE!!!! 

    On other buisiness, my mom has recently gotten a job for a woman, Charlotte. She has 5 walk in closets full of designer-only clothing. Once my mom unloads those clothes, she has to buy the lady new ones with money provided. I get all of the clothes she is receiving! Thats right, a new shipment of designer is coming in! 

    And more news, my BFF and I got in a…

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