Hey guys! As you all know I was recently made an admin by The Awkward Turtle, and it's now my duty to give this wiki a *drumroll please* MAKEOVER!!!


Proposal #1: Weekly polls!

I think there should be two new Clique/Alphas polls every week. Or should it be every two weeks? I'm not sure yet! Let me know what you think down below in the comments section.

Proposal #2: Maps!

I just had this idea to add interactive maps to the wiki. Imagine having an interactive map of Westchester that you could add locations in the Clique world to! Like Slice of Heaven, the Westchester many endless possibilities! We could even have Alphas Island too, which would be my first project. Let me know if you're into it down below.

Proposal #3: That's where you guys come in!

Tell me any other ideas you have for the site. Perhaps a design or color theme change is in order, or if you want the comment sections on articles turned on. I'm all ears!

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