The Witty Committee was first introduced in Kristen (Summer Collection). It is a secret organization for the smartest students at OCD and Briarwood. Kristen is the alpha. Their motto is BOB, which stands for Brains Over Beauty. The members are Kristen Gregory, Layne Abeley, Dahn Bondok, Aimee Synder, and Rachel Walker. They communicate over the WCC (the Witty Committee Computer) and wear costumes of famous people as disguises. Layne usually drops hints on the members- "I have a friend I like to call Shakespeare who can help", but usually doesn't give away their true identities.


Kristen Gregory - Cleopatra

Layne Abeley - Albert Einstein

Dahn Bondok - Bill Gates

Rachel Walker - Oprah

Aimee Synder - Shakespeare

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