The Socc-Hers was the name of the cheerleading squad Massie formed in P.S. I Loathe You. Their uniforms consist of Stella sequined off-the-shoulder minis, leather short-shorts, butt-length hair extenstions, knee-high moccasins with jingle bells, and peacock feather covered clutches instead of pom-poms. Some of the people that tried out are Ripple Baxter, Layne Abeley, "Twizzler", Olivia Ryan, "McNugget No. 1", and "McNugget No. 2". Layne, "Twizzler" and one of the "McNuggets" get spots on the team. The remaning members of the Pretty Committee were automatically granted spots since their alpha declared herself captain. They cheered for the Briarwood Tomahawks and the OCD Sirens. Eventually, Alicia tries to take charge of the Socc-Hers because she feels she can choreograph better than Massie. Massie is angered by her actions and kicks her off of the squad. Alicia then forms her own cheer squad. Dylan is eventually kicked off due to Massie finding out about Derrington and Dylan's secret relationship. By the end of P.S. I Loathe You, the Socc-Hers have completely failed and they quit cheering. The downfall of the Socc-Hers also leads to the temporary breaking up of the Pretty Committee.

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