The OCD Bomb Shelter is where the eighth grade alphas of the school hang out. It was first mentioned in It's Not Easy Being Mean.


Five years before the Pretty Committee was in seventh grade, a major LBR 8th grader, found a key to an abandonded room on campus, half the size of a classroom and windowless. When she invited a few Briarwood boys over for lunch, the previous alphas lost their status. 

When she went to high school, she passed the key on to the coolest girl she knew, who happened to be a true alpha. So from that moment on, the key always went to the OCD elite.


  • Either you go through the door to the gym or the side entrance
  • Two floors below the main buliding

The Pretty Committee's PlansEdit

  • Use it as an on-campus GLU headquarters
  • Ralph Lauren animal print furniture
  • Store Kristen's cool clothes
  • Hire the goth barista from Starbucks to work there
  • Dig a tunnel that leads to Briarwood so the boys can sneak in

Skye's RenovationsEdit

  • Silver door handle
  • Blue door
  • Pink beach towels
  • White sand
  • Sunlamp
  • Juice bar made of palm leaves
  • Black recliners
  • Walls were a rich pearly black with infused glitter
  • Five pink faux-fur covered director's chairs
  • Silver Samsung flat screen that was mounted on the wall
  • Pink Swarovski crystal covered remote
  • Pink shag throw rug
  • Five eletronic foot spas
  • Movie theater popcorn maker
  • Real Starbucks cappuccino machine on a tea service cart
  • Two racks of spare clothes
  • Chrome and mirrored makeup vanity fully stocked with the complete line of Hard Candy cosmetics and a white marble counter space
  • Two silver coat racks filled with clothes including a limited edition Puma tracksuit with peacock feathers on it