Massie 4

Massie Block (The Official Alpha of the Pretty Committee)

An Alpha (or "Queen Bee", if it's an all-girl clique) is the leader of a clique or group. Every clique has (or should have) an Alpha. In a formation, an alpha's always first, front and center, often followed in triangular formation.

There is an alpha in almost every school, but this is not always a good thing. An alpha should be a leader and a role model but all too often alphas can turn into bullies, excluding anyone not in "the group".

Alphas in The CliqueEdit

Massie Block was the Pretty Committee's alpha until her family wound up moving to England, thus making the Pretty Committee's beta, Alicia Rivera, the new official alpha of their group.

Skye Hamilton is the alpha of the DSL Daters, the most popular clique in her grade, until she graduates from OCD and the Pretty Committee starts 8th grade.

In The Clique movie, Shelby Wexler is the 8th-grade alpha rather than Skye, who wasn't a character in The Clique series.

Massie and Alicia's friend, Kristen Gregory, is secretly the alpha of a nerd clique of intellectuals with alter egos, called the Witty Committee.

Before becoming the new official PC-Alpha, Alicia Rivera has tried and failed numerous times to form her own clique. Her attempted cliques include The Unbelievably Pretty Committee (Revenge of the Wannabes), the Heart-Nets (her cheerleading squad in P.S. I Loathe You), and the Soul-M8s (Boys R Us). Even though Alicia is said to be prettier than Massie and is just as rich as she is, she doesn't quite have what it takes to be a true Alpha.

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