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Which Member of The PC Are You Most Like? Edit

Which Clique girl has a similar style as you? Are you a Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, or Claire. Each have their own distinct style and so do you!

1) Your dream shop is full of:

a)Running shoes and cute sweats

b)Flats and leggings

c)Stylish preppy clothes and rustic blazers

d)Fun, laid back clothes

e)Bright colors and fun accessories

f)or all of the above

2) One word to describe you is:

a) Outgoing

b) Confident

c) Self-concious

d) Individual

e) Fun


3) After a rough day you like to:

a)Take a jog. It always clear my head.

b) Talk to my friends about the tough times.

c) Think about it in your room. You can deal with it yourself. Just a little self-encouragements all you need

d) Play feel-good music and read a good book

e) Pop some popcorn and watch a good movie

f)text your friends bout it

4) You'd die if you forgot your _______on vacation:

a) Hair elastics. With all this hiking, biking, and surfing you've GOT to keep your hair out of your face.

b) Phone and lipgloss. No one can be a social butterfly cut off from the world

c) Coverups and sunglasses. You've got to cover up some how.

d) Your camera. You need to remember all the good times.

e) Good snacks. Who knows what foreign food is like. You can't go hungry, can you.

f)all the latest fashions

5) If there was a city that suited you it would be :

a) New York. It's fast-paced, busy, but sophisticated.

b)Paris. So chic and cool.

c)Barcelona. It's exotic and fun!

d) Florida. It's got a fun atmostphere.

e) Las Vegas. It's got a wild, fun, goofy vibe

f)Italy. It's so romantic.

Mostly a's: You're a Kristen. Your active, outgoing, and sporty. Cute runners and ah-dorable sweats are a must for your busy lifestyle.

Mostly b's: You're Massie. Her style is modern with hints of vintage. Flats and tights are a must for any prepanista.

Mostly c's: You're an Alicia: You aren't always comfortable in your own skin because your exotic, interesting look often draws attention.

Mostly d's: You're a Claire: You're sweet, laid-back style lets people know that you're not high maintenance.

Mostly e's: You're a Dylan: You're wild, fun vibe matches your bright clothes. You're fun and not afraid to show that you can be yourself!

Mostly f's: you are all of the above

Baylee: Love Massie

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