Shira Brazille is an international alpha, and headmistress of Alpha Academy


Not much is known about Shira's past other then she was raised in an Australian orphanage. It was mentioned in the first Alpha book that Shira had began her career as a script girl on Aussie dramas and worked her way up to producer. Shira's late husband Brandy died in a car accident. 


Shira is the head of her billion dollar empire: Brazille Enterprises, which is a monopoly which dominates in multiple business fields.

Shira has writen three autobiographies. Watch Your Outback: An Aussie Orphan's Struggle to EndureYou Can't Eat Hope, and From Roos to Riches. 

She is the TV host of The Brazille Hour.

Her Female Empowerment Workshops are licensed worldwide.

She has a cosmetics company called X-Chromosome. 

She is the CEO of AlphaGirl International.


Shira is eccentric and ecofriendly.

Shira is more respected then Martha Stewart, more revered then Michelle Obama, and more liked then Oprah.

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