Sari is one of Claire Lyons' best Florida friends, along with Mandy as well as Sarah. She is described as being skinny with long blond hair, slight buckteeth, and a thin upper lip. She lives in Orlando, Kissimmee. Her father owns a restaurant called What's the Catch?, which is a seafood restaurant. Her uncle Bruce taught her how to French braid her hair after he completed his first semster at the Vidal Sasson Institute. Sari has SCUM 101.1 radio's number on her phone's speed-dial list, for All-Request Wednesdays. When Dr. Party, the radio host, answers the phone for the ThRob contest she chickens out, and Claire answers the phone for her. After the speed question round of the Miss Kiss pagaent, she has to drop out becuase she stole a lobster from her dad's restaurant to pinch her so she could answer questions quickly. She is one of the S' in SACS, later SAS after Claire moves away. She is mentioned a few times in The Clique and appears in Charmed and Dangerous and The Clique Summer Collection: Claire. Sari has a habit of rambling whenever she gets excited. Her glitter color is pink.

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