Principal Burns is the principal at OCD (Octavian Country Day)/BOCD school. She has a big crooked nose & beady eyes.

She is disliked by many of the students and is constantly heckled during her appearances because she reminds students of a bird and the students often yell "CAWW!" at her. She sometimes scans the room, using only her beady eyes while keeping the rest of her body completely motionless like a buzzard. She is also known for giving students a lot of detentions (especially the Pretty Committee).


In Best Friends for Never, she gave the Pretty Committee detention for wearing inappropriate, overexposing Halloween costumes to school. Because of that, the school temporarily went uniform. She was very angry because some parents called an angry immediate meeting, which caused her to miss seeing her only son in his first Halloween costume, which was a baby bird.


  • Has one known child, believed to be of toddler age.
  • Owns a cat whose birthdate is 05\05\05 (which is the combination to get into the OCD sound booth).
  • Makes the morning announcements with Alicia.