Nurse adele

Nurse Adele helping Claire

Nurse Adele is OCD's nurse. She was Claire's first friend at OCD. When Alicia Rivera puts red paint on Claire's white jeans to fake her period in The Clique, Claire is sent to Nurse Adele and she gives her free clothing from the dry cleaned lost and found. She allows girls to take things from the lost and found since she knows that nobody will come back for last season's clothes. She always keeps a bowl of candy on her desk, depending on the occasion. Massie once wondered why she hadn't ever thought of befriending the nurse to get free clothes but Alicia points out that she would never wear clothes from the lost and found. Claire tells them that she likes Nurse Adele as a friend and not just because she gives her candy and clothes. She always turns to her whenever she needs a sympathetic ear at school.


She has chestnut/auburn hair and green eyes. Claire says she looks kind and comforting, "like movie moms always do in those horror movies."