Nikki Dalton
Nikki Dalton
Love Interests
Cam Fisher (unrequited crush)
Hair Color

Nikki Dalton is Cam Fisher's "camp-tramp" girlfriend. Claire Lyons first found out about her in Sealed with a Diss while focusing on ESP. Claire thinks Cam is cheating on her with Nikki, when in reality, Cam still liked Claire. Nikki does not ever appear in person. Instead, she is mentioned only.


In Sealed With a Diss, it is revealed that Nikki went to the same summer camp as Cam, and developed a crush on him. She tried winning him over with gifts (such as candy), but it didn't work, and Cam gave the things she sent him to Claire. Cam either told his friends about Nikki, or they found out some other way, and throughout the book, they goad Cam by mentioning Nikki and asking if he told Claire about her. Claire first learns about Nikki after snooping through Cam's backpack. She begins thinking Cam is cheating on her with Nikki, and her suspicions grow when watching ESP and seeing the guys continue to taunt Cam with her.

This leads to Claire throwing a bracelet Cam gives her in a pool (though she apologizes later), and finally confronting him about Nikki at Skye Hamilton's Famous Couples party. Cam is angry and breaks up with Claire, and Claire later learns through use of a MySpace page Nikki created called Nikki & Cam, that despite Nikki's pursuit of him, Cam continuously turned her down. It is revealed through the MySpace page that Nikki gave up on getting Cam to like her back.