Hair Color
Brown (likely former hair color)
Platinum Blonde (current)
Reality Star
Shooting Stars Talent

Mia is a reality star/actress and is a character that only appears in Boys R Us.

Acting CareerEdit

Mia is an actress, signed with Shooting Stars Talent. She has worked on some of the "hottest young televison sets," including Friday Night Lights, and MTV's The City. She is in negotiations to star in her own reality spin-off for MTV.

Appearance in the BookEdit

Mia is hired by Massie Block to act as one of her new best friends and a part of the clique, Massie and Crew, or "MAC". She was chosen as a replacement for Alicia Rivera. She is fired after making a quip to Massie.

Psysical DescriptionEdit

Mia is described as a petite platinum blonde with hair that fell in mussed waves, with dark roots peaking out of her part.


Mia is portrayed as very confident, and outgoing. She does not speak Spanish. She also does not mind speaking her mind, as shown when she quipped to Massie, "Isn't this community theater?" after Massie threatened her and the other MAC girls, resulting in her being fired. Mia is said to love the spotlight.

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