Merri-Lee (left) and Dylan

Merri-Lee Marvil is Dylan Marvil's mother and a journalist. She also has two other daughters, Ryan and Jamie. Merri-Lee is the host of her own morning talk show, The Daily Grind. She also hosts Merri-Lee Marvil's New Year's Yves Party.

She is portrayed by Lisa Masters in the movie.


In Charmed and Dangerous, she mentioned divorcing an unidentified husband after he "couldn't cope with a wife that People magazine named the thirty-sixth most beautiful woman in Hollywood." She never mentions him after that, and Dylan rarely mentions him.

In The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, OCD and Briarwood have a field trip to go to Lake Placid. Merri-Lee decides to come on the field trip as a chaperon, and also for footage of 'mother daughter bonding' for her latest episode of TDG, but instead, she falls in love with Dylan's geography teacher, Mr. Myner.

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