Kristen-Dylan Friendship
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Best Friends; Former Rivals
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Best Friends

The friendship between Kristen Gregory and Dylan Marvil began in Charmed and Dangerous: The Rise of the Pretty Committee.

Friendship HistoryEdit

In The Clique, Kristen and Dylan start off as friends and official members of the Pretty Committee, along with Alicia Rivera and Massie Block.

In Best Friends for Never, Kristen and Dylan both have feelings for Derrington, which drives a rift between their friendship and causes them to fight a lot. By the end of the book, they find out that Derrington was using them both and become friends again.

In Revenge of the Wannabes, Kristen, Dylan and Massie all team up against Alicia. Kristen and Dylan both consider joining Alicia's new clique, The Unbelievably Pretty Committee, but they ultimately decide to stay with Massie.

In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, Kristen and Dylan both adore Alicia's cousin from Spain, Nina Callas. Kristen, Dylan, and Nina have a bet over who will kiss their date at the Lovestruck Dance first.

In The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, Kristen, along with the rest of the Pretty Committee, comfort Dylan after she sees Merri-Lee Marvil, her mom, snuggling with Mr. Myner, which leads to the Pretty Committee getting expelled.

In Dial L For Loser, Kristen and Dylan are both devastated because they have to stay in Westchester while the rest of the Pretty Committee is in Hollywood.


  • The only time they've ever fought was when they both had a crush on Derrington.
  • They are the minor characters of the Pretty Committee.
  • They seem to do most things together.
  • They usually take each other's sides in arguments.
  • They both go on Starbuck's latte runs together.
  • They help each other when their blowouts stick to their lip gloss.
  • They love each other like sisters.

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