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Kaitlyn is an actress and a character in Boys R Us.

Acting CareerEdit

Kaitlyn is signed with Shooting Stars Talent.

Appearance in BooksEdit

Kaitlyn is hired by Massie Block to act as one of her new best friends and part of her new clique, Massie and Crew or "MAC". She is chosen to be the replacement for Claire Lyons. She quits after the runway for the fashion show at Massie's Ho Ho Homeless charity benefit breaks. Later, she returns and, along with the other MAC girls, pretends to be clingy and stupid as part of Claire's plan to get Massie and the Pretty Committee back together. The plan works and Kaitlyn is never seen again, along with the other MAC girls.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kaitlyn is described as an African American with dewy skin, "intense" grey eyes, and an angular bob. She wears a size 6 shoe and has a East Coast style, though she is from Los Angeles.


Kaitlyn is confident. She walks in high heels very easily, and has not worn Keds since she was five - the same year she gave up candy and homemade jewelry. Her favorite hobby is sharing her "killer" boot collection.

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