Josh-Alicia Relationship
Intimacy Level
Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Started Dating
Dial L For Loser (first time)
Sealed With a Diss (second time)
Dating Status
Broken up in These Boots Are Made For Stalking (second time)

The relationship between Josh Hotz and Alicia Rivera is known as Jalicia (Josh/Alicia). Their relationship began in Dial L For Loser and ended in These Boots Are Made For Stalking.

Relationship HistoryEdit

In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, Alicia develops a crush on Josh. When Nina Callas, Alicia's cousin from Spain, seems to steal him away, Alicia tells Claire Lyons that she could date him.

In Dial L For Loser, Josh gets over his crush on Claire and begins to like Alicia. Josh gives Alicia a bouquet of daisies when she returns from Los Angeles, and they begin a relationship.

In It's Not Easy Being Mean, Alicia finds out that Josh kissed Skye Hamilton before they started dating, but overlooks it because she knows she can't do anything about it, and later breaks up with Josh because he has a super-clean room.

In Sealed With a Diss, Alicia finds out through ESP that the reason Josh's room was clean was because he blackmails his sister into cleaning it, and they get back together and go to the end-of-the-year famous couples party as Ralph Lauren and his wife Ricky.

In Bratfest at Tiffany's, Alicia pretends to dump Josh because of Massie Block's new boyfast rule. She secretly meets up with him, and he gives her his Yankees baseball cap. Alicia sits with Josh's table so that the Pretty Committee will have to go in the trailers and she could stay with him at the school. While watching a news segment about the trailers, Massie finds out that Josh and Alicia are still dating, and kicks Alicia out of the Pretty Committee. At the end of the book, Alicia throws her Yankees cap into the bushes.

In P.S. I Loathe You, Alicia and Josh are still dating, but they don't talk much throughout the book.

In Boys R Us, Alicia and Josh are still together. Josh joins Alicia's boy-girl clique, The Soul M8s. When Josh and the rest of the boys have to go back to Briarwood, Alicia tries to impress him.

In These Boots Are Made For Stalking, Josh borrows one of Alicia's dresses for his Halloween costume, but it's too big for him. Massie makes the Pretty Committee upgrade to ninth grade boyfriends, and Alicia dumps him.



  • Massie and Claire thought that they were exactly alike.
  • They both love to wear Ralph Lauren.
  • They were the only couple that didn't break up at Skye's end-of-the-year party.
  • Josh gave Alicia his Yankees cap.

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