Jasmin Collins
Jasmin Collins
Shooting Stars Talent
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Jasmin Collins is an actress and a character in Boys R Us.

Acting CareerEdit

Jasmin is signed with Shooting Stars Talent, and is their highest-paid commercial actor. She has appeared in commercials for Tampax Sport and Powerade (in both of which, Jasmin acted as a soccer player), had guest spots in Ugly Betty and 90210, and was an extra in Gossip Girl, Mad Men, and Dial L For Loser.

Appearance in the BookEdit

Jasmin is hired to play one of Massie Block's new friends and be a member of her clique, Massie and Crew, or "MAC". She is chosen to be Kristen Gregory's replacement, and as such, did not actually play soccer and preferred fashion, as well as did not own a single hoodie, turtleneck, or tracksuit. Jasmin also is revealed to be an emancipated minor, meaning her parents cannot tell her what to wear. She quits after the runway of the fashion show in Massie's charity benefit, Ho Ho Homeless, breaks. She runs into Claire Lyons, however, and, thinking Claire was there to replace her (or one of the other MAC girls), begins to tell her things about the job - like Massie hated it if one of them went off script, during which Claire realizes Massie had been hiring friends. As Jasmin owes Claire a favor from Dial L, Claire has Jasmin get the other models together and pretend to be clingy and stupid, as part of Claire's plan to get Massie and the Pretty Committee back together. The plan works, and as the MAC girls are leaving, Claire mouths "Thank you" to Jasmin, who responds by making an L with her index finger and thumb, before disappearing with the other girls, "never to be seen again".

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jasmin is a petite brunette.


Jasmin is shown as being outgoing. She is also kind, as shown when, during the time she thought Claire was trying out to be her (or another MAC girl's) replacement, she tried to help by giving advice. She also is most likely independent, seeing as she is an emancipated minor.

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