Hair Color
Eye Color
Kissimee, FL
Student/Current Miss Kiss Winner

Gracie is in The Clique Summer Collection: Claire and is a contestant and the eventual winner of the Miss Kiss pageant. She lives in Kissimee, Florida.

First AppearanceEdit

Gracie first appears in the story at the Miss Kiss party known officially as the "Kiss-Off" (though nicknamed the "Miss Butt Kiss"), an event that takes place before the actual Miss Kiss pageant and bids farewell to the previous Miss Kiss winner. Gracie wore a dusty pink gown with purple flowers to the event and gave Claire Lyons a glass of lemonade. She complimented Claire and told her she hoped there was a dance round, as she thought she would shine in that.

The PageantEdit

In the first round of the Miss Kiss pageant, The Speed Q&A round, Gracie's question was, "What do you hope to gain from this pagent?" and Gracie answered, "Life experience, friendships that will last a lifetime, and the honor of representing our hometown!" She made it to round two, Physical Interpretation of a Serious World Issue. Her issue was Obesity in America, and she moved on to the third round, in which she wore a tulle Easter egg yellow gown. At the end of the pageant, Claire votes for her instead of Massie or Mandy, because she didn't want to have to choose between her two best friends. Massie is originally the winner, with Gracie being Runner Up, but Massie tells the judges she doesn't actually live in Florida, and Gracie is crowned Miss Kiss.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Gracie is described as a "perky redhead" with green eyes. At the Miss Butt Kiss party, Massie tells Gracie she has oily skin.

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