Derrington-Massie Relationship
Massington, Dassie
Intimacy Level
Good Terms; Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Started Dating
Dating Status
Broken Up in Sealed With a Diss (second time)

The relationship between Massie Block and Derrick Harrington is known as Massington (Derrington/Massie). Their relationship began in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers and ended in Sealed With a Diss.

Relationship HistoryEdit

In Best Friends for Never, Derrington develops a crush on Massie, but she doesn't return his feelings.

In Revenge of the Wannabes, Massie begins to gain feelings for him towards the end of the book.

In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, Alicia's cousin, Nina Callas, convinces Massie that Derrington likes her (Nina) instead of Massie. This leads Massie to ignore Derrington and to go to the dance without a date. When Nina's fake Spanish Soccer Spell is revealed, Derrington and Massie make up. Massie gives Derrington her "M" brooch, and Derrington wears it on his shorts. Derrington tells her that he'll wear it all the time. To make up for ignoring Massie, Derrington gives her the cutest couple award.

In The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, to hide the fact that she has never kissed anyone, Massie begins a secret club called MUCK, which teaches girls how to kiss. When Derrington finds out, he believes she is kissing someone else, since him and Massie have never kissed. Derrington throws his "M" brooch on the ground and dumps her. Later, Massie confronts him and apologizes. They share their first kiss and make up.

In Dial L For Loser, since Massie couldn't attend the dance, Derrington goes with the words "I'm with Massie" painted across his chest.

In It's Not Easy Being Mean, Massie discovers Derrington's filthy room and is disgusted. Derrington cleans it up just for her, and she likes him again.

In Sealed With a Diss, Derrington says at ESP that he has a problem with Massie. At Skye Hamilton's party, Derrington gets jealous when he sees Massie with Chris Abeley. He breaks up with Massie and throws away the soccer earrings that he got for her. Derrington also tells her she's immature. Derrington leaves the party believing that Massie cheated on him, which isn't true.

In Bratfest at Tiffany's, Massie swears off boys after her break up with Derrington, and gets over him by the end of the book after she develops a crush on Dempsey Solomon.

In P.S. I Loathe You, Derrington starts dating Dylan Marvil, Massie's best friend, and they attempt to keep it a secret from Massie. Later, Dylan confronts Massie and asks her to release the hold she has on Derrington (she sprayed him with Chanel No. 19, which made him hers. To release her hold, she would have to pour water on him). Massie angrily pushes both of them into her pool, which releases the hold on Derrington.

In A Tale of Two Pretties, it is implied that Derrington may not be over Massie.

Rival Relationships Edit



  • They're both Alphas.
  • Massie was the one who came up with his nickname, Derrington.
    • He reveals to Dylan in P.S. I Loathe You that he doesn't like being called that. This could be because it reminds him of Massie.
  • They were the longest lasting relationship throughout the whole series.
  • Massie put a hold on Derrington, meaning she sprayed her perfume on him, which prevents him from being able to date anyone else. She released it in P.S. I Loathe You so he could date Massie's best friend, Dylan Marvil.
  • Derrington calls Massie by her last name, "Block".
  • Derrington cleaned up his messy room just for Massie in It's Not Easy Being Mean.
  • Derrington might still be in love with Massie.

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