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The relationship between Derrick Harrington and Dylan Marvil is known as Dylington (Dylan/Derrington). Their relationship began in P.S. I Loathe You and ended in These Boots Are Made For Stalking.

Relationship HistoryEdit

In Best Friends for Never, Dylan develops a crush on Derrington, along with her best friend, Kristen Gregory. The two girls compete for his affections throughout the book, until Alicia Rivera shows them that Derrington doesn't care about either of them by texting him to hang out in her hot tub on both of the days he was supposed to hang out with Dylan and Kristen.

In P.S. I Loathe You, Derrington and Dylan start getting along in detention, and he reveals to her that he likes red haired girls, listens to the Jonas Brothers, he wore shorts throughout the seventh grade because he had lost a bet, and doesn't like being called Derrington. She helps him pick out a present for his sister's birthday, and they begin to develop feelings for each other. They kiss at a soccer game and begin to date behind Massie's back, mostly in detention. Finally, Dylan begs Massie Block to release the hold she has on Derrington (she sprayed him with her signature scent, which made him hers. To release it, she has to pour water on him). Massie gets upset and pushes them both in the pool, releasing the hold.

In These Boots Are Made For Stalking, Dylan breaks up with him due to Massie's upgrade, and becomes disgusted with him after he loses another bet, now having to wear his clothes backwards for the whole year.

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  • Dylan never called him Derrington because he told her that he didn't like it.
  • Derrington revealed why he wore shorts in the seventh grade to Dylan.
  • Their relationship began in detention.
  • They were a secret relationship for a while until Dylan finally told Massie.
  • Derrington was in Massie's hold for a bit of their relationship.
  • They were in The Soul M8s together.
  • Derrington liked Dylan's red hair.
  • Their first kiss was in the soccer field.
  • Derrington ended up having more feelings for Massie at the end of the series.