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The first Current State of the Union!

The Current State of Union
is a chart of what is 'in' and 'out' to Massie Block. It represents a diary type thing for Massie. She stores the State of Union in her PalmPilot. Her reasoning towards storing her thoughts in her PalmPilot rather than in a physical diary was so there would be no chance of people snooping around and reading her entries. The Current State of the Union is typed in all capitals, featuring the in and out labels in all capitals below. In the first few books, the writing was shown as all caps as well. It is closed in by a rectangle with rounded angles. In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers Massie turned it into a blog about fashion, boys, cosmetics, and the Pretty Committee. After that appearence, the blog was nonexistent.

Format for the Current State of the Union