Chris Abeley is Layne Abeley's brother, and Massie Block's short-time crush. Chris used to date the "disgustingly beautiful" Fawn, who he had been with since the seventh grade. He was referred to as "Chris Babeley" throughout The Clique. He appears in The Clique, It's Not Easy Being Mean, and Sealed with a Diss of The Clique series. Massie and Claire both crush on Chris at first but Claire's crushing is quickly stomped on when she finds out he is Massie's crush. He is friends with Todd, Claire Lyons' 10/11-year-old brother.

Chris loves to ride his horse, Tricky, and goes to Galwaugh Farms. He's usually cheerful but becomes depressed when Fawn dumps him for "spending too much time with his horse". He was sent to boarding school, and can drive because he stayed back a year.

He is portrayed by Keli Price in the movie.

Massie and chris
Screenshot (1079)

Chris and his friend at Briarwood


Chris is described as having tan skin, gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair; resembling "Leo DiCaprio, before he got doughy". Massie Block takes him to Jakkob to get a Zac Efron inspired haircut and highlights against his wishes in Sealed with a Diss, but he washes the highlights out. He is known to wear a lot of Abercrombie & Fitch gear.

Chris Abeley riding his horse "Tricky"

Screenshot (1085)

Chris Abeley Smiling


Chris's sister is Layne Abeley, an important character of the Clique series. Layne is Claire's best friend, and referred to as a LBR in the first few books. Chris's mom is also mentioned in Best Friends for Never, but is referred to as Layne's mom. Chris's dad appears briefly in the first book when he drops Layne off at the guesthouse to see Claire Lyons. 

Chris Abeley after he fell on top of Claire Lyons in front of OCD

The SeriesEdit

In The Clique, Massie Block had a crush on him but gave up once she found out that he had a "disgustingly beautiful" girlfriend named Fawn.

Fawn dumps Chris in It's Not Easy Being Mean because he spent too much time with his horse, Tricky. Fawn spreads rumors that he puts a wig on his horse and talks to her. She makes fun of him a lot, sending Chris into a stage of depression. In the same book, Chris is the boy that houses the key under his mattress. Skye Hamilton "kissed" him and had a crush on him.
Screenshot (1114)

Fawn, Chris, and Layne

In Sealed with a Diss, Chris gets over his depression, but starts to fall for Massie when she tries to get Chris and Skye together. However, at the end Skye drops him because he's too much of a "downer". Massie leaves him at the party too because she misses Derrington. It is possible that Chris dated Skye, as Skye had a history of kissing Chris. Chris sinks back into his depression over Fawn after Massie purposely plays Fawn's favorite song ("Too Little, Too Late" by JoJo) at Skye's party.

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