This page explains what is expected of users when using the Clique Chat.

To access the chat, go to a page, scroll down, and scroll down the right sidebar to the "Live! Chat" widget. By clicking "Join Chat" or "Start a Chat", you will enter the chatroom.

Chat Policies

By using the chat, you automatically agree not to...

  • Use profanity (curse words)
  • Bully or harass other users
  • Repeatedly spam the chatroom by doing something like hitting !, then enter, then !, then enter, then !, then enter, then !, then enter...........
  • Asking for other user's personal information (age, address, passwords)
  • Roleplay in the chatroom. We are not a roleplaying wiki.
  • "Troll" or creep other people out by repeatedly flirting or asking them personal question.
  • "Sockpuppet" or create a fake account to use after you have been banned from chat.


In chats, the same the banning rules and time lengths from the Wiki Rules page are active.

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