Charlie Deery

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Charlotte 'Charlie' Deery
14 and two months
Chestnut Brown
Coffee Brown
Engineering, inventing, technology

Charlotte 'Charlie' Deery had her whole life in a line. She traveled with her mom, her boyfriend, and his family all over the world until his mom, Shira Brazille, decided to open Alpha Academy for buisness. Charlie risks it all just to get in, but will it be worth it?

Charlie is forced to break up with Darwin, accept her mother's resignation, and be a spy for Shira. Even though Charlie was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, she grew up in penthouse hotels, the Brazille jet, and later in her life, on the island. 

Charlie is a fablous inventor and invented many of the things on the island, including the aPod, the alpha-version of the iPhone.

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