Octavian Country Day School or OCD for short is the local private lower/middle/high school in Westchester. It is known for having secrert rooms, fashion classes and spoiled students. It was known as BOCD when it combined with Brairwood Acadmey after the flood.

There are many large oak trees on the property. The Main Buliding a masive brick structure that looks more like a castle then a school and is covered in vines and a circular driveway. The great lawn has large pine and oak trees. Right beside the entrance there are "rows of kiosks that look like ATM machines [where you] put you student ID card in and your schdule will pop out. The café is to the left along with the gym, dance studios, the pool and the spa. On your right are the seventh-grade classrooms and the teachers' lounge." - MB

The café has a Starbucks kiosk next to a mural of icons drinking coffee.

Known CliquesEdit

  • The Pretty Committee
  • The DSL Daters
  • The Heart Nets
  • The Soul M-8s
  • The Unbelivibly Pretty Committee (Alicia's group in Revenge of the Wannabes)
  • The X-entrics (aka Lanye's group)
  • The Mathletes 

Known StudentsEdit

  • Massie Block
  • Alicia Rivera
  • Kristen Gregory
  • Dylan Marvil
  • Claire Lyons
  • Skye Hamilton
  • Jena Drezner
  • Layne Abley
  • Imogen Martin

The CaféEdit


  • Not much is known about what the Café looked like before the series other then it did not have the "cherrywood panneling and brass accents"

Seventh Grade Year

  • the Café was renovated over the summer before the series began. It's new renovations include a Starbucks Kiosk with a mural demonstrating "people drinking hot beverages thoughout history." 
  • the Pacassos in glass cases were donated by Massie's grandparents 

Menu options

  • Veggie burger
  • Fruit
  • Fro-yo
  • Sushi bar
  • Orange plastic trays on silver rails
  • Sushi platters
  • Tofu stakes
  • Crudités
  • Colorful "design your own salad" section
  • Troblerone bars
  • Bottles of Glaceau waater
  • Etc.

Known RoomsEdit

  • Art Studio (on the main floor)
  • Darkroom (in the basement)
  • The Infermary / Lost and Found (on the main floor)
  • Science Lab
  • First floor bathrooms with a cosmetics table with soft white facial towels
  • The Radio Booth
  • Principle Burn's Office
  • The Bomb Shelter

Known ClassesEdit

  • English
  • Geography
  • Women in the Workforce
  • Art
  • PE
    • Tennis
    • Syncronized Swimming
    • Yoga
    • Tae Bo
  • Dressmaking (taught by Lulu)


  • Principal Burns
  • Nurse Adele
  • Vincent
  • Mr. Myner
  • Pia, head of the fashion department

Famous AlumniEdit

  • Massie Block
  • Skye Hamilton
  • 13 Fortune 500 CEOs
  • Seven gold medal Olympians
  • Four Pluitzer Priver winners
  • Three Oscar winners
  • Two senators
  • One sectetary of state