MUCK aka "Massie's Underground Clinic For Kissing" takes place twice in the clique series, both in "The Pretty Committee Strikes Back." Once in the OCD chapel (nothing really happened hence Massie being a "lip virgin") and once in Mr.Myner's igloo (Presidents day field trip to lake Placid). 

Massie promised the following girls she would teach them how to kiss: Layne Abeley, Alexandra Reagan, Carrie Randolph, Livvy Collins, Olivia RyanAlicia RiveraDylan Marvil and Claire Lyons

More About ThemEdit

Layne Abeley- Claire's first OCD friend, LBR by the Pretty Committee, Claire made her come to MUCK (she didn't need to learn how to kiss; She refrenced making out with her former boyfriend Eli in her laundry room)

Alexandra Reagan- Has green braces, needs to learn how to kiss, bad dental hygene (Massie Block), Good friends with Livvy Collins and Carrie Randolph, LBR

Carrie Randolph- Notoroius fast talker, Friends with Livvy Collins and Carrie Randolph, LBR

Olivia Ryan- Blonde, 2(3?) Nose jobs, former friends with Alicia Rivera, "Faux-Livia" (Alicia), "Duh-Livia" (Massie)

-Side note- Massie persuaded Claire Lyons to teach her how to kiss, Massie was still a "lip virgin". The girls (Layne, Alexandra, Carrie and Olivia) thought she was experienced (they did find out later on the Lake Placid trip). Dylan and Alicia thought Massie was experienced too, Massie told them the truth later.

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