Hair Color
Dark Brown (former)
Platinum Blonde (current)
Eye Color
Hazel with golden flecks
Shooting Stars Talent

Cassidy is an actress, and a character in Boys R Us.

Acting CareerEdit

Cassidy is signed with Shooting Stars Talent.

Appearance in the BookEdit

Cassidy is hired to act as one of Massie Block's new friends, and a member of her new clique, Massie and Crew, AKA "MAC". She is Mia's replacement, who was replacing Alicia Rivera. When she arrived, the other MAC girls were getting makeovers. Massie decided to have Jakkob dye her hair platinum blond and cut it in a short, risky haircut. Cassidy is hesitant, but ends up liking the look. She, along with the other MAC girls, is part of the fashion show for Massie's charity benefit, Ho Ho Homeless. Massie does not like Cassidy much, as shown in her fashion show plan, which has Cassidy in the least pretty outfit and says her hair and makeup will be done "only if there's time." Cassidy quits, as do the other MAC girls. Later, she and the MAC girls appear again, this time pretending to be clingy and stupid, as part of Claire Lyons's scheme to get Massie and the Pretty Committee back together. The plan works, and the MAC girls are "never to be seen again."

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cassidy is described as having thick dark chocolate locks that fall just below her shoulders, hazel eyes with golden flecks, and an amazing fashion sense (Massie describes it as "fashinspiration"), and is rated a 9.2 by Massie. Massie has Jakkob dye Cassidy's hair platinum blond and cut it in a short, risky haircut, however the style looks great on Cassidy.


Cassidy is portrayed as confident. She also seems to be shallow at times, as shown when, after the runway during the fashion show breaks, she is more concerned about her makeup than anything else. Cassidy asks about her "motivation" a lot, to the annoyance of Massie.

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