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The relationship between Cam Fisher and Claire Lyons is known as Clam (Claire/Cam). Their relationship began in The Pretty Committee Strikes Back.

Relationship HistoryEdit

In Best Friends for Never, Claire and Cam meet at Massie Block's When Hell Freezes Over party. They dance together and win the dance contest, and Claire lets Cam have the prize (an iTunes certificate) and he promises that he will make a CD for her.

In Revenge of the Wannabes, Cam is revealed to have feelings for Claire, and he asks Alicia Rivera to tell Claire about it. Claire likes Cam back, but she couldn't date him because Massie also liked Cam. Claire visits his house and lies to him when he asks her out by saying that she has a boyfriend in Orlando. Massie goes to Cam's house later, which upsets Claire because she thinks that he didn't like her anymore, but Massie explains at the fashion shoot that she was only there to retrieve her winter jacket, and to tell Cam that she was the reason why Claire rejected him. Massie tells Claire that she did not like Cam, she had just heard a rumor that he looked up girls' skirts, and was instead trying to protect Claire. Cam gives Claire a CD titled "Claire Doesn't Have a Boyfriend in Orlando", and they make up.

In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, Cam avoids Claire because of Nina Callas, Alicia's cousin from Spain. When Nina finds out that Cam and Claire like each other, Nina puts a fake Spanish Soccer Spell on him. At the end of the book, Claire kisses Alicia's crush, Josh Hotz, and Cam sees and feels hurt.

In The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, Claire mourns for Cam. Massie tells Claire to disguise herself as a boy and sneak into Cam's cabin to apologize to him for the kiss. Cam accepts, and tells her to meet him later, but Alicia interferes, because she follows her to see Cam.

Alicia tries to get Cam to kiss her as revenge for Claire kissing Josh. Cam almost kisses Alicia right when Claire comes to meet him. Claire is upset, and runs back to her cabin. That night, Cam comes into her cabin disguised as a girl, and they make up and share their first kiss.

In Dial L For Loser, Claire kisses Conner Foley for a scene in her movie, and Massie takes a picture of it and sends it to Cam, causing him to believe she was cheating on him and dumps her. When Claire and Massie make up, Massie tells Cam about what she did.

In It's Not Easy Being Mean, Claire lies to the Pretty Committee and Cam when she has to go to her agent because she doesn't want them to have fun without her. Tensions rise between Claire and Cam, and Massie tells Claire that when a boy is too nice like Cam that he is hiding something.

In Sealed With a Diss, Claire is worried that Cam is cheating on her with Nikki, a girl he met at camp, and confronts him about it at Skye Hamilton's end-of-the-year party. Cam is upset that she would believe that, accuses her of snooping, and leaves her alone at the party. Later, Claire finds out that Cam really wasn't cheating with Nikki and tries to call him to apologize, but he wouldn't speak to her.

In Bratfest at Tiffany's, Claire mourns for Cam once again, and is upset that he is now dating Olivia Ryan. When they have to do a child development assignment, Claire is assigned as "stepmother" for Cam and Olivia's team. Claire tries to make Cam jealous by flirting with Dempsey Solomon on an evening news broadcast. Cam sees her later holding the baby that Olivia left in her locker and develops feelings for her again, but Claire walks away because she believes that he only wants her back because she was flirting with Dempsey. At the end of the book, Cam sends her a message that says: "Dumpd O. Wrst mom. U r the only 1 4 me. Let's talk. XOX C".

In P.S. I Loathe You, Claire and Cam are back together and it is shown that their relationship is even stronger than before.

In Boys R Us, Claire and Cam are still together throughout the book, but Claire misses him a lot.

In These Boots Are Made For Stalking, Claire is still very happy being with Cam, but is upset when the Pretty Committee decides that they should all "upgrade" their boyfriends to ninth graders. Claire leaves the Pretty Committee and hangs out with new friends with Cam. She wishes that her, Cam, and Layne Abeley would always be friends.

In A Tale of Two Pretties, Cam, Layne, Derrick Harrington, and Cam's older brother Harris Fisher form a band called "The Garage Band" and Cam writes a song for Claire titled "Gummy Claire". He gives her C&C's (M&M's with C&C on them for Claire and Cam) and photography classes for both of them every Friday as Christmas presents.



  • They have their own M&M's (C&C's).
  • Cam wrote a song for her called "Gummy Claire".
  • They like to share gummy worms.
  • They take photography classes together.
  • Cam was the only guy Claire had ever dated.
  • They attended the end-of-the-year famous couples party together.
  • Claire said in the end of A Tale of Two Pretties that her dream was to get married and have a family with Cam.

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