Briarwood is OCD's brother school that schools the boys of Westchester. In Bratfest at Tiffany's, Briarwood merges with OCD when their school is flooded by their wave pool to form BOCD, a boy-girl school.

Eighth GradeEdit

Derrick Harrington

Cam Fisher

Griffin Hastings

Josh Hotz

Chris Plovert

Kemp Hurley

Dempsey Solomon

High schoolEdit

Grier Biggs

Lowell Katz

Andy Walden

Ezra Rosenberg

Oliver Smalls

Cody Hill

Geoff Michaels

Luis Ruiz

Landon Crane

P.J. Jeffries

Billy Williams

Lee Chan

Harris Fisher

Liam Barrett

Yuri Butterman

Chris Abeley

Sixth GradeEdit

Todd Lyons

Tiny Nathan

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