Briarwood Academy is the brother school of Octavian Country Day School.

Like OCD, Briarwood is a strictly non-uniform private school. However, it is a boys-only school, while OCD is a girls- only school. In Sealed With a Diss, the newly-built wave pool collapsed on top of the school, due to the fact that Layne Abeley had mistakenly drilled a hole in one of the main pipes while trying to fix the teddy bear camera that the Pretty Committee was using to spy on the Briarwood Boys during their ESP class.

This resulted in the Briarwood Academy merging with its sister school, Octavian Country Day School, to form BOCD in the end of Sealed With a Diss. A hole in the plot of the series is that during a school assembly at OCD, Principal Burns stated that it would be a lengthy process to rebuild Briarwood from the ground, one that would take "several years". However, Briarwood Academy construction was in fact finished by the end of Boys R Us, while the Soul M8s, are still in eighth grade.  

Known Students in Briarwood Academy Edit

  • Derrick Harrington (Derrington) 
  • Josh Hotz 
  • Cam Fisher 
  • Chris Plovert 
  • Chris Abeley 
  • Todd Lyons 
  • Harris Fisher 
  • Kemp Hurley